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Soft washing is the ideal method for effective rust and graffiti removal, ensuring your property remains visually appealing and well-maintained. This technique combines low-pressure washing with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to safely and efficiently remove graffiti and inhibit rust formation on various surfaces. Soft washing not only cleans but also preserves the integrity of the building materials, preventing damage while enhancing the overall appearance of your property.

Why Graffiti and Rust Removal?

Graffiti and rust removal is vital for maintaining the cleanliness and structural integrity of commercial properties. Addressing these issues not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also protects and preserves the underlying materials. Regular removal of graffiti and rust from buildings, signage, and infrastructure prevents long-term damage and maintains a professional appearance. Here are six key benefits of graffiti and rust removal:

Preserves Property Aesthetics

Removing graffiti promptly maintains the professional appearance of a property and discourages further vandalism. Keeping surfaces clean and free from graffiti reflects well on a business and its commitment to maintaining a respectful and inviting environment.

Protects Structural Integrity

Rust can severely damage metal structures, leading to potential safety hazards and costly repairs. Regular rust removal protects these structures by preventing the progressive degradation that can compromise their strength and durability.

Enhances Property Value

Properties that are free of graffiti and rust are more attractive to potential tenants and buyers. Maintaining clean and well-cared-for surfaces directly impacts property value, making it more appealing in a competitive market.

Improves Public Perception

A clean and well-maintained property creates a positive image for visitors and customers. It shows that the business takes pride in its environment and is diligent about upholding standards, which can enhance customer trust and loyalty.

Reduces Potential Liabilities

Unaddressed rust and decay can lead to structural failures or accidents, posing liability risks for property owners. By regularly removing rust and ensuring structures are sound, businesses mitigate these risks.

Ensures Compliance with Local Ordinances

Many areas have strict regulations against graffiti, requiring immediate removal to maintain community standards and avoid fines. Regular maintenance and quick response to graffiti incidents help ensure compliance with these local laws.

What People Are Saying

Kelby CabreraKelby Cabrera
00:52 14 Apr 24
Yadyra CabreraYadyra Cabrera
00:52 14 Apr 24
Bethany ManningBethany Manning
13:27 13 Apr 24
Clean Choice Power Wash did a FANTASTIC job. Isai was very professional and knowledgeable and patiently answered all of my questions. I had my house washed, vinyl siding with Stucco front and concrete sidewalk, front porch and patio cleaned. I was very impressed when Isai told me that he could Soft wash the Stucco. He also applied a soft wash solution on the house to eliminate all organic growth. He and his team of employees cleaned the house in a Day! Excellent job, well done. My house looks like it did 20 years ago. I highly recommend Clean Choice Power Wash!
Jean WeisharJean Weishar
17:04 09 Apr 24
Clean Choice and Isiah is a professional power washing service! Isiah was very kind. Our home looks like it was freshly painted! All of our soffits and gutters are very clean. He removed a wasps nest that we couldn't reach also. Five Star service! We will call him again!
13:27 07 Apr 24
Clean Choice did an excellent job cleaning our house/siding. Isaia and crew are professional, prompt, thorough, and at a fair price. This is our 2nd time using their service, and the results lasted over 2 years. Would not hesitate to use again and to recommend!
Christine MussaChristine Mussa
13:47 03 Apr 24
Works like it’s his own house! Hard worker! Highly recommend!
James OrcuttJames Orcutt
00:53 15 Mar 24
My house is cleaner than a whistle, totally worth the price.👍
Matthew WattsMatthew Watts
00:50 15 Mar 24
Did real good job would totally recommend to anyone who needs their house cleaned
Christine PreddChristine Predd
17:22 17 Oct 23
My Condo was pressure washed and cleaned very well by clear choice. The service was prompt, on time, and led to a good result. The yard was clean of all supplies when finished. The Owner walked me around the house to show me what he had done when it was completed. He explained the process to me again. I would recommend clear choice for a pressure washing project.
William MayWilliam May
15:59 17 Oct 23
Isai did and excellent job washing our house. Great price, great communication and completed the job in a timely fashion. We definitely recommend Clean Choice Pressure Washing. Thank you Isai.
Rick HendersonRick Henderson
16:44 11 Oct 23
What an excellent choice we made with using Clean Choice Pressure Washing. Extremely professional with a quote in writing. I am absolutely amazed at how good our siding looks now! It's shiny and clean! I've pressured washed our home before, and it's hard to get the very top peaks. We used Clean Choice this time, and I honestly think that our siding looks the best it's looked since it was new! It shines! Down the road, as the siding gets dirty, I will be calling Isai. What a hard-working, friendly, professional small business owner!
heidi koch-northrupheidi koch-northrup
13:39 10 Sep 23
Our neighbor had Isai with Clean Choice power washing their home. We asked Isai to take a look at our home and he gave us an estimate. We accepted and two days later he power washed our home. We are so happy and thrilled to have our home looking clean and brand new! We will definitely have Isai back next season. He was professional and knowledgeable. We appreciated his service.
Gina O'HalloranGina O'Halloran
17:15 19 Jun 23
I had the pleasure of meeting Isai and have him power wash our home. Not only was he incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, but he was extremely professional. Just when I thought maybe we should have our home painted, he brought it back to life and it looks amazing. We will definitely be using his services again!!

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