Window Washing

Window Washing:

Clean windows can improve your view and bring the outside into your home, making it so you can enjoy more light, nature, and the views around your property. We guarantee your windows will be streak-free after cleaning.

We clean windows by using either the traditional method, by hand with the best cleaning solutions, elbow grease, and squeegees in the industry or we also use the water fed pole cleaning method. It depends on your home and it’s requirements.

When using the traditional cleaning method, we can clean up to two stories however using water-fed technology we can clean as high as five stories depending on the building type and other factors. 

Most of our customers do choose to have all their windows cleaned on a quarterly basis as this does keep their windows looking good, clean, and sparkly all year round. We can also offer you the same high-quality service on either a six-month plan or one-time deep cleaning depending on your needs and your budget.

We highly recommend that you have your screens cleaned with your windows. It does not make sense to put dirty screens back on clean windows. Our method is to run each screen through our exclusive screen washing machine. We thoroughly dry the screens before reinstalling.