House Washing

House Washing:

Your house is one of the largest investments most folks will make. Regular exterior cleaning can help to extend the life of that investment. High pressure is not always the answer when it comes to cleaning. A gentle softwash with the proper solution (including professional grade Agent Clean detergents and surfactants) can be used to give optimal results. At each property we custom blend the solution that is appropriate for the surfaces we are cleaning.

This will depend on your own circumstances.  Typically in our area, the northside of our homes tend to develop algae a lot quicker.  However, with our soft washing solutions your home stays algae free for a minimum of 2 years if not longer. Whereas a traditional power washing does not attack the underlying root cause of the algae and requires a cleaning every year.

The answer to this is quite as simple as presenting you with a one size fits all type of number. Our prices are based on the type of service(s) you need and how much work is involved. We will, of course, give you an accurate price based on the work that you personally need doing, and you will always know the price before the work begins.